Box of ping-pong balls packed per 120 pieces


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Ronde betonnen tafeltennistafel over grasveld geplaatst met rijplaten

Betonnen pingpongtafel rechtstreeks op schoolplein leveren in Limburg

€ 49,30 excl. VAT
(€ 59,65 incl. VAT)
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2nd product and following for € 25,00 each, save 49% !

Box of  ping-pong balls packed per 120

Box with 120 ping-pong balls.
These balls are of a good quality and are used by ping-pong clubs to practice with. Ideal for large-scale users.
Shipping costs € 13,50
In case you only order this product, shipping costs will be charged.
In combination with one of the ping-pong tables these sets will be delivered without charge together with the tables, in case of a loose order the balls will be dispatched by post within 2 working days.

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