Natural concrete Ping-pong table, rounded


Product code
Naturel Beton
Afmeting speelblad
274 x 152 cm
Afmeting onderkant speelblad
279 x 157 cm
Dikte speelblad
8.4 cm
Hoogte speelblad
76 cm
14.75 cm
1360 kg
183 cm (hart op hart)
€ 1.200,00 excl. VAT
(€ 1.452,00 incl. VAT)
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Natural concrete Ping-pong table rounded

This concrete ping-pong table with rounded corners is uncoated, thus natural concrete. Because of the rounded corners running around is much more safe and a normal game of ping-pong is possible at the same time. This table is also used for several other purposes.
As well as all the other tables this product is also provided with steel reinforcement above and below and moulded in one piece. Because our tables are sturdy a larger group of people can easily jump on them without damaging the construction.

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