Concrete Ping-pong table green


Product code
Groen Gelakt
Afmeting speelblad
274 x 152 cm
Afmeting onderkant speelblad
278 x 156 cm
Dikte speelblad
8,4 cm
Hoogte speelblad
76 cm
14.75 cm
1360 kg
183 cm (hart op hart)
€ 1.100,00 excl. VAT
(€ 1.331,00 incl. VAT)
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Concrete Ping-pong table green

This rectangular ping-pong table with a green playing surface is a recreational tournament table for outdoor sport. Because this table is reinforced with double layers of steel (above and below) it resists all wind and weather conditions: good for many years and a lot of joy of playing.
The ping-pong table is moulded in one piece, that means also the “net” in the middle is solid concrete. The playing surface is sprayed in green with a two-component lacquer. The white lining and the “net” are not stickered but solid paint and lacquer.

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