Concrete base plate for tennis table


Product code
Naturel beton
Dimensions (L x W x H)
299 x 179 x 10 cm
1175 Kg
Afwerking oppervlakte
Glad beton
Schroefhulzen M16 per lange zijde 2 stuks
Gaten tbv bouten M16
€ 500,00 excl. VAT
(€ 605,00 incl. VAT)
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Concrete base plate for tennis table

A frequently heard complaint is that the grass under the ping pong tables is difficult to mow. This problem is solved immediately with a bottom plate. The concrete bottom plate has a size of 179 x 299 cm and is 10 cm thick. This way the space under the table remains free of grass and is easy to keep clean.

This bottom plate is suitable for rectangular and rounded table tennis tables. Also available with grass tiles around (OP.PP.TG).

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