Concrete table football

Our concrete table football game is new in our product range since 2015. All parts used in our tables are thoroughly tested and selected. Only the best and strongest material. Our football table is constructed to be outside and stand all wind and weather for many years. The solid bars are of the best stainless steel available (RVS316L). There is also no problem in case the table is placed near the sea, the material will not be influenced by salty air. The playing figures are of high quality plastic. Click here to see the test the playing figures go through. 

With your order it is necessary to state if you want the standard black/white colour or a different colour for your playing figure. Under “spare parts” you will find information about the different colours available.

The measurements of the playing table: 838 x 1369 x 922 mm. The football table weights approximately 700 kg. Once placed it as solid as a rock. The foosball table is moulded in one piece, that means the playing part and the support is one heavy piece this add to solidity and safety.

The table foosball game (also known as soccer or kicker) is worldwide known and offers fun for young and old. It can be played by two people, but more fun with 4 participants. Just normal to relax or in completion. We offer to order the playing figures in different colours, e.g. in the colour of a local or national team. This gives the completion an extra dimension.  

Our table football table is a real eye catcher in every schoolyard or in front of a clubhouse or on a camping site. It is remarkable by the beautiful form and robust appearance, a purchase for guaranteed yearlong pleasure.

The corners of the playing field are slightly declining which
keeps the ball rolling and rainwater can flow away.


Spare parts

We deliver our table football game standard with two playing teams in the colours white and black, also
standard the scoreboard in white and black. The score beads and the mounting plate are of the same unbreakable plastic.
Other sets are available in the colours of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

A complete set consists of 11 players, 2 blocks, 13 bolts and nuts, also the Allen key and scoreboard

The balls we supply in the standard set are white. These are the most common balls used. More experienced players prefer the softer red balls. The white as well as the red balls can be ordered.

All parts of the football table can be ordered separately, also the bars for the playing figures. You may even order one bar in place of a complete set. Just let us know which bar you mean in connection with the number of holes and the difference in length. The bars are delivered completely with handles but without the playing figures of course. Are you in the possession of a football game of an other manufacturer, then it is possible to replace the playing figures with ours. The bars have a diameter of 16 mm. The blocks attached to the table can also be replaced and can be ordered singular or as a set of 16.

The metal plates near the goals reading “HeBlad” can be replaced by your own name or logo, this is ideal for resellers or dealers.
For questions or remarks you use the contact form in the red beam


Product code
Antraciet gelakt RAL 7016
Dimensions (L x W x H)
137 x 84 x 95 cm
Dimension playing surface (L x W)
137 x 84 cm
700 kg
Dimensions in box
139 x 87 x 99 cm


Mounting soccer player at soccer rod

Delivery football table by HeBlad

Testing the football player with a hammer

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